These sites are collections
of resources. 
Individual programs / apps
can be found 
The largest Educational Technology conference is the United States. Always a ton of resources from presenters.
This site has TONS of educational infographics. You just need to go there and see for yourself.
A non-profit educational website created by George Lucas (Star Wars). Houses videos, blogs, articles, and anything else you could imagine. Great resource. .
Think of it as an educational technology newspaper. Tons of article, how-to's, and other amazing content. Bookmark this one too!
American Associtation of School Librarians. These librarians sure know their stuff! Tons of resources like BEST of categories...
Another site full of lesson plans, articles, how-to articles...the site is a bit colorful, and that detracts from the content, but it is a great source to check out.
A great tool that has MORE infographics, posters, iPad resources, Google Drive help...Love this one!
From the creators of TED Talks...need I say more?
This site examines educational technology trends, products, and pedagogical strategies.
The UK version of Tech Learning. A great way to see education for a different perspective. 
Their tagline is Technology for Higher Education. It is heavy on the technical jargon, but for tech geeks it gives some great learning material.  
The K-12 Blueprint offers resources for education leaders involved in planning and implementing technology initiatives. It also has some great tutorials and toolkits.
It does not look like the site is continually updated, but it has some good links. Worth some time if you get bored. 
Check out her Google Stuff and Tip of the Week tabs.
Florida Center of Instructional Technology. This site has information, matrices,  and rubrics to help gauge the effectiveness of technology integration in the classroom.